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Message to yourself in 90 days

April 11, 2022

Imagine this is a message from your future self

90 days from today is May 1st

final month of spring

Flowers will be in full bloom

Sun will have risen at 5:48 am and it will be warm in your kitchen by the time you make it downstairs

Take a moment, and imagine what your life would really feel like if you were to start today

If you got to work right now or not promise you to keep making yourself

How many days have you thought about changing this month

I’ll bet it’s every single one of them

Seven days a week, even if everything is gone, right?

I could give you a bunch of information about how my online mentorship program is unique from all the methods you tried before.

I could give you an insight into how much contact time with me you get, how are your programs are truly personal

But I cannot help you until you ask.

Until you believe things could be different.

Until you can imagine yourself standing at your kitchen sink with your eyes closed, feeling the warmth of the Sun on your face…

Knowing you can pick up any outfit out the wardrobe basin how much you like it, not on how well it hides everything.

Confident that you are in complete control of every choice your make that day and nothing will overwhelm you.

Certain that nothing could crop up in your dear, in your relationship, in your environment, that could pose a challenge you couldn’t handle.

Clear that a decision to invest in yourself is the surest dividend you’ll get.

90 days is the minimum commitment I ask, and in that time, you can make exceptional progress through clever nutrition, intelligent training, building a bullet-proof mindset.

On this day in January, I’ve invited you to ask for help.

I’m now accepting clients for February and I have a space for five people.

Who are ready to gain back control of there life.

If you’re interested and want to be apart of my team.

Drop me a message i would love hearing from you

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