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Are you training the correct way?

April 11, 2022

Do your train the correct way? The RESULTS you see, are a complete reflection of the ACTION you take.⁣

Quite simple.⁣

If you aren’t seeing the progress you hoped for, that’s down to what you are doing.⁣

Likewise, if you are seeing the results you wanted, that’s also down to what you are doing.⁣

How you feel waking up everyday, how you perceive yourself looking in the mirror, and how you feel in the clothes you wear, is a COMPLETE reflection of that action you are taking.⁣

Those who have confidence to wear a tighter fitting dress, or those who feel happy walking around with their top off, only feel like that due to the action they took.⁣

And in the same breath, those who cover up with baggy clothes, hide at the back of photos, or is always the one with their top on at the beach, only feel like that due to the LACK of action they took.⁣

Think right now, is the action you are taking, pushing you towards the results you want to see, or is it just delaying them ever happening? ⁣

Because the action you do take, or the lack of action you take, is fully responsible to the results you are going to be seeing.⁣

Are you happy with where you are heading to, or does something need change?⁣

The clients you have seen who have drastically changed their body, shifted body fat, and sky rocketed their body confidence, were not in a different place to where you are now when they first started out.⁣

The only difference being, is they stepped out their comfort zone, and took action.⁣

What is the correct way to train?

This is not an easy question to answer. It depends on quite a few factors.

For example, what is it you are training for? If it’s to cycle faster, then training your biceps may not be the answer. If it’s to lift more weight, then hours of running could decrease your gains. Training the correct way for your goals is obviously important.

Current activity level, what you eat, how much you sleep, what your motivation is like are also factors. It is not simply a case of lifting heavier weights or running 6 minute miles, training the correct way needs to take into account your whole approach to training.

Maybe the question should be – What is the correct way to train for me.

If you would like to discuss this more and get a tailored plan to achieving your goals, please have a look at our 12 week mentoring service. This will take into account your lifestyle, rather than just your training style. Ben will then build you a plan and help you achieve it with regular contact and check-ins.

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