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5 benefits of having a personal trainer on your back

April 11, 2022

A question asked numerous times is “why hire someone to teach me what I can learn on YouTube for free? Let’s look at 5 benefits of having a personal trainer…. then decide for yourself if it’s worth it!


We all know motivation is a huge factor in maintaining any habit long term, but what do you do when that motivation has gone? Having someone you can turn to when you feel like giving up, or can’t be arsed working out is essential – just ask our clients.

Motivation is what drives us to improve, without it, we would all be sat around with no ambition, no drive and no feeling of self-worth. Having an extra person motivation you, pushing you, getting you out of bed early to exercise – this is a real benefit of having a personal trainer on your back 24/7.


This follows on from motivation…. being accountable for improving. Really wanting to improve your physique, lose weight, eat healthier or run faster is great, but unless you hold yourself accountable to the work that needs doing to get their, it won’t happen.

Having a personal trainer hold you to account gives you added momentum – I mean, who wants to reach the end of a 12 week level-up challenge worse off than when they started?

Having someone else hold you to account now gives you the power to hold yourself to account in the future.


Yes – we can learn how to eat healthily via a YouTube video. Yes – we can learn how to do a bench press online…. but do these things work? Does the internet personalise these plans for your body type / activity level / daily routine? I don’t think so….

Another benefit of having a personal trainer is that they take all these aspects into consideration – what food you like, what times of the day you can workout, what your sleeping pattern is, how strong you are and much, much more. They process all these little factors and bring together a plan that suits you – not a mass group, but you individually. Use that expertise – that’s why you pay them!

Realistic Goal Setting

You haven’t exercised in a couple of years, you eat takeaway three times a week, enjoy a beer or a glass of wine most nights….. but you have decided to get fit. 2 weeks on the Atkins Diet should do it!


Just no.

Everyone wants to reach their goals quickly. Usually far too quickly than is healthy. Yes – the person described above could probably lose a decent amount of weight in that time – but are they any healthier? No – they have lost muscle mass, screwed up their metabolism and had cravings for carbs which will see them into next Christmas – not a healthy way to end a “health kick”!

Personal trainers will set you a realistic goal – they are the experts. They have helped countless people before and know exactly what is achievable in a given time period. Listen to them. Learn from them. Don’t be tempted by overnight results. This is just one of the benefits of having a personal trainer.

Long Term Strategy

Further to the above point, a personal trainer is an investment in your future. What you learn from them in the next few months will help you for the rest of your life. You will learn so much about Motivation, Accountability, Expertise and Goal Setting that you could even help other people reach their goals.

Just imagine – no more crash diets, no more ineffective work outs, no losing motivation on a wintry Sunday morning – just a little Ben on your shoulder, whispering:

“You can do this”

(maybe not so little and maybe not whispering!)


You have just read 5 benefits of having a personal trainer. Do you need anymore??!

What are you waiting for? Our latest challenge is nearly ready to go – 8 Week Level Up Fat Loss Challenge – just make sure you get booked on quickly as spaces will be limited.

Imagine waking up in a few months time, no longer needing to feel like you need to diet, not longer feeling like you should start getting fit. You could be a better you in time for lockdown ending.

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