Body transformation


1-1 Mentorship with ben

This is the one course you need to reach your goals. Full mentorship with 1-to-1 online coaching, regular contact throughout the week, full nutrition programming, tailored training plan based on the equipment you have access to and loads more. 

Only seriously committed people required.

  • 1-1 Online Coaching
  • Full Nutrition Plan
  • Bespoke to you
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Regular contact & advice
  • Expert Mentorship

Latest Results

John has lost 33lbs, completely leveled up his confidence, looks incredible, feels awesome and completely transformed.

My client Dave a busy business professional and farther or to went From out of shape to in the best shape of his life.

Client Kelly Transformation to date with working myself. Kelly came to me during lockdown struggling to lose weight or gain weight.

Achieve results you never thought were possible

Let's break down what's included and how it works

Expert Mentorship

We will take a deep dive look in to your biggest challenges right now and what your goals and aspirations are. From there i will put together a game plan in place like a road map for you to follow to help you conquer your challenges and reach your goals and then some.

Your goals become mine and I do not fail which means you wont either. With me and my team behind you every step of the way. We will be there to educate you, motivate you, support and give you the necessary accountability needed to keep winning every week.

Full Nutrition Plan

At BC Fitness we don’t give you give you plain chicken, rice and broccoli. 

We have a two method approach to nutrition, a fixed plan for the busy individual who wants results the fastest way possible, or flexible approach to nutrition and general lifestyle client.

We meet the client at where they are at and what they need. This is tried and tested with 1000 or men and women over the years and is bullet proof it really is. Just take a look at the RESULTS page.

We are here to teach you how to get REAL RESULTS and keep them. It has to be sustainable and maintainable so you can stay in shape for the rest of your life while not giving up everything you enjoy.‍

Bespoke to you

This isn’t a cookie cutter plan that your friend, neighbour and cousin has had like 99% of coaches out there give out to their poor clients.

No this is completely tailored to you, your lifestyle and your goals. Making it impossible for you to fail.

Guaranteed Results

We has the BECOME LIMITLESS blueprint that is bulletproof, we can help anyone transform their mind, body and life with the tools and systems we use to get REAL RESULTS.‍

Get results or get your money back I can help you get results. That is a fact. As such, we will offer you a 100% refund if you don’t achieve the results you were promised.*If you commit to one of our personal training packages and agree to follow our guidance 100%, and yet you still fail to reach your goal within the time agreed then we’ll happily give you back 100% of your investment with us AND continue to train you for free until the goal is reached.

We believe that if we say that we’ll help you achieve a goal we should actually deliver the goods. After all, you’re paying for that result aren’t you?

You might be thinking ‘where’s the catch?’ There isn’t one. As long as you follow our advice you’ll be a winner and won’t even need to think of asking for your money back!

Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, build mass, recover from injury, increase flexibility or improve your sporting performance we can help you reach and surpass your goals.‍

Regular contact & advice

You will get direct access to Ben and the team via the BC FITNESS training software, access to the private BC FITNESS members Facebook group, and weekly video check-ins to keep you accountable delivering a truly world-class service.


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Call with Ben

Jump on a Lock & Load call with Ben to discuss your goals and challenges.

Start program

Ben will create a programme that is unique to you and your lifestyle. Plus access to the BC Fitness App and Members only portal, full of bonus resources to help you on your journey.

Only seriously committed people should apply