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30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge

Are you looking to get results?

Have you found yourself going round and round in circles with your health goals?

Do you want faster results in the next 30 days than you have managed to achieve in the last 90 days or maybe YEARS…

If you’ve answered yes to just one of those questions, then let us help.

With our 30 day challenge we’ll guide you through how to make significant changes to your body and your mind.

In fact… We’re so confident that we can help you speed up your rate of results that you’re covered by our LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE… 

If you haven’t noticed a change to your body, your mind or your energy levels, then we’ll refund you every-single-penny, but that’s not all… 

We’ll also give you a months free group coaching.

24 Hour Support & Guidance

Here with you every step of the way you will be given access to world class BC FITNESS apps allowing you to get in touch whenever you need taking your accounability to the next level.

Training and Nutrition

Tailored training programme included will be a fully tailored training programme to suit you, your goals and your experience level. Full macros Nutrition protocols to follow.

Mindset and Lifestyle

Not only a fat-loss challenge, but a whole mindset reset. Learn how to continue your progress after the 12 weeks. Learn skills that will help you keep in shape for the rest of your life.

Access to BCFIT Members Lab

Our Members-only website with loads of resources, such as recipe books, eating out guide, exercise videos, how-to videos, news and more...

CHERYL irwin - 30 days in to the programme

What was life like before Joining BC Fitness? 

“Life was a routine. I would get up attempt the gym go to work come home have tea and then eat a bar of choc (with a wine if it had been a hard day at work) I would constantly rush around so I could sit down and relax with that wine because I thought I deserved it. 

I ate good food but the wrong amounts which in time along with the excess wine before I knew it I had gained 2 stone. I hated myself, would always wear leggings and a baggy top. Never looked at myself in the mirror as I hated the site of what id become. I lost my mojo and positive inner self for a while. “


What was holding you back from you reaching your goals? 

“Not wanting to change, or not thinking I could. I would still go to local gyms three times a week but had no meaning and didn’t enjoy my workouts. Got myself that far in a rut and just thought that was life. “

What is life like now? 

“Well!!!!!!!! I’m absolutely loving it. I feel like a new person with a new lease of life and energy. I’m more positive and love loving me again. I feel like a brand new version of me who loves trying on clothes in the mirror, is always smiling. I have my mojo back!!!!! I’ve learnt you don’t need alcohol to enjoy life and that you can stick to a plan with limited restrictions if you put your mind to it. I have always been a determined person and I’ve never been so determined to continue on this new journey of my life.”


What impact has this had in your life?

“I have bags of energy, literally like a little energy bunny. My health has massively improved and my fitness well that’s a continuous journey. I love me and everything about me again. Everyone who knows me comments on how well I now look.”


What’s been your biggest win? 

“Gaining my confidence back and also getting my mojo back.”


What’s been you biggest lesson? 

“To never get in that rut again. Life is for living not for sitting around moping thinking that’s life. “


What’s the thing you enjoy the most at BC Fitness? 

“Being a badass confident women again! Absolutely love the group PTs have met some amazing inspiring people. The whole set up is amazing and Ben and John are 100% the best coaches I have worked with in 18 years of fitness. No question is a stupid one and the support from everyone is 100/100!”


Would you recommend small group PT at BC Fitness to a friend? 

“Absolutely, go for it! Use the 30 day Challenge to get a feel for the place and I can guarantee you will not want to leave! Happiness and confidence are the best gifts in life and BC fitness has given me these gifts back. You can and will love you again if you give this journey a go.”

A fitness and nutrition challenge worth accepting...

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