5 benefits of having a personal trainer on your back

A question asked numerous times is “why hire someone to teach me what I can learn on YouTube for free? Let’s look at 5 benefits of having a personal trainer…. then decide for yourself if it’s worth it! ‍ Motivation We all know motivation is a huge factor in maintaining any habit long term, but […]

What does it take to reach your weight loss and fitness goals?

So many of us want to be better but talk and moan about how the ‘need to change’, but won’t invest in themselves to get there!!⁣ So what does it take to reach the weight loss and fitness goals you desire? Motivation Motivation is temporary you can’t have it everyday trust me, it’s discipline and […]

Are you training the correct way?

Do your train the correct way? The RESULTS you see, are a complete reflection of the ACTION you take.⁣⁣Quite simple.⁣⁣If you aren’t seeing the progress you hoped for, that’s down to what you are doing.⁣ ⁣Likewise, if you are seeing the results you wanted, that’s also down to what you are doing.⁣⁣How you feel waking […]

Message to yourself in 90 days

Imagine this is a message from your future self 90 days from today is May 1st final month of spring Flowers will be in full bloom Sun will have risen at 5:48 am and it will be warm in your kitchen by the time you make it downstairs Take a moment, and imagine what your […]