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Keep your employees active with our wide range of gym membership discounts.

Regular exercise contributes to improved focus and mental clarity, which can improve your performance at work? Exercise can also improve your overall mood and well being, making you happier to start each day.

By providing employees with a benefit that encourages a more active and healthier lifestyle, you’re not only looking out for their health and wellbeing; but you’re also showing that you care as their employer.


Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Gym memberships can make a world of difference to people’s physical wellbeing. After all, staff absences cost businesses a bundle, so the immediate impacts of creating happier, healthier employees that get more done and take less time off are pretty obvious!

Stretching Salaries Further

Our corporate gym rates give you huge savings of up to 25% off annual gym memberships; meaning you’re not just looking after the physical health of your people; you’re also looking after their financial health, too – double-win!

Attract and retain talent

An employer that cares about its’ employees is exactly the kind of employer that builds true engagement. Providing lifestyle benefits, such as discounted gym memberships, shows that you’re willing to invest in people for the long term. After all, it’s a big commitment that people want, and it’s what can set you apart from your competition…

Flexible Payments

Our gym membership discounts are flexible to your budgetary needs.

Extended Benefit

Our gym memberships can be accessed by partners and spouses; offering a tangible benefit not just to your employees, but their families, too.

Dedicated Support

Our benefits team is on-hand to assist you and help with any queries you may have.

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