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21 Day Trial

21 Day Trial - £129

This opportunity is not to be missed… 

we will take you through a 21 day BC Fitness experience

Are you looking to get results?

Have you found yourself going round and round in circles with your health goals?

Do you want faster results in the next 21 days than you have managed to achieve in the last 90 days or maybe YEARS…

If you’ve answered yes to just one of those questions, then let us help.

With our 21 day challenge we’ll guide you through how to make significant changes to your body and your mind.

In fact… We’re so confident that we can help you speed up your rate of results that you’re covered by our LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE… 

If you haven’t noticed a change to your body, your mind or your energy levels, then we’ll refund you every-single-penny, but that’s not all… 

We’ll also give you a months free group coaching.


Why a private facility is better than a commercial gym….You’ve probably signed up to Gym’s in the past with the hope to make lasting change, only to be left feeling deflated and like a number…

You might have even invested in Personal Training and been disappointed with the lack of results and professionalism…‍

Well here’s what you’ve been looking for. BC Fitness HQ 

What we guarantee you: ‍

  • Fun, exciting and challenging workouts (meaning you cant wait to train) 
  • Improved body composition (better confidence)
  • Increased strength (ready for anything )
  • Increased fitness (better quality of life)‍

How do we do it?

Our flagship memberships equip you with everything needed to succeed once and for all: Detailed consultation process to ensure we’re meeting you where you’re at, and mapping a clear road to where you hope to be…

Personalised nutrition strategy to finally take control of your eating habits and cultivate lasting changes to your body and your health…

Education portal and live trainings to help educate and develop you to raising your standards 🧠

Premium group Personal Training sessions to take the guesswork out of maximising your time spent in the Gym whilst still making it the best hour of your day!

A TEAM of coach’s who will support and guide you through the whole transformative process…

A genuine community of like minded people on the same mission as you, plus so much more!

Our brand new, state of the art facility in Carlisle is unmatched…


What you will get for only £129

Access to 9 x Group PT sessions thats £10.75 a PT session crazzyyyyy

Nutrition support and education via the BC Fitness training APP and members education area.


The 21 Day Trial provides the perfect opportunity to come and experience everything our gym has to offer. A chance to train without limits and enjoy the benefits of effective coach led fitness.

Beyond the 21 Day Trial, we have two membership options available.

small group PT Transformation Package:
where you get a hands-on education, support on everything you need to reach your goals ( subject to 6- 12 months contracts)

Training-only memberships:
Training only turn up to group PT session hassle-free, no contract just 30 day notice cancellation period required.

and we’ll be on hand to advise you on which one will be best suited to your training goals and personal circumstance.

Another reason to sign up

STOP second guessing what you need to do and if your doing it right… we take all the guess work out for you.‍

  • Training in small groups is dynamic and fun whilst still allowing for an individual and personal experience.  Sessions last around 50mins.
  • Training alongside others provides the perfect environment to have fun whilst progressing your training. Our team of world class coaches make sure you get the individual attention you need to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Group PT sessions introduce hard work with a measured approach to intensity and movement. Training in teams & sometimes alone, these sessions are a sure fire way to level up your fitness.
  • Get life changing RESULTS mind and body
  • Most importantly have fun

Get Started

How much does it cost?
£129 thats £10.75 a PT session unmaTChed value for personal training

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Unit 5, Business Park, 9 St Nicholas Bridges, Carlisle, CA2 4AA

Opening Times

Open Gym Access


Group PT

Monday: 6am–8pm

Tuesday: 6am–8pm

Wednesday: 6am–8pm

Thursday: 6am–8pm

Friday: 6am–8pm

Saturday: 8am–10pm

Sunday: –