BC Fitness HQ Mission Statement

Our mission is to help as many people as possible overcome their limitations and to “Become Limitless”.What we mean by “Become Limitless” is helping people to go from being limited in life.

Limited by their lifestyle, mindset, nutrition, training, recovery, community and their environments. We help them become limitless in all these areas.

We are here to educate, support and inspire people to lead a happy and healthy life. Helping them build unstoppable confidence, bulletproof mindset, so they can live life to its fullest potential.


Ben Crawshaw

I’m your head coach Ben Crawshaw who is the Founder/director and owner and the leader of the facility and family that is BC fitness I’m a qualified personal trainer, but my knowledge and passion are far more than your normal PT.

I’m a Transformation Coach, I am qualified for mental health in exercise coaching and studying to be a qualified nutritionist and have 14 years of experience in training and getting 100s of men and women building unstoppable confidence and build the body and life of their dreams.

My passion and mission in life is to help people have purpose be happy and live life to its fullest through fitness and community and I have created the environment for exactly that.

The Hq team

Your network is your net worth…The people you surround yourself with either pull you away from your goals or push you towards your goals…Your action will be a result of you reaching your goals or not.

Make sure you have the right people in your corner so you are successful, they make it easier and more enjoyable. You are 99% more likely to reach your goals.

Exactly what I’ve built within my community.

My Become limitless programme is filled with people that will help you be successful, will help you raise your standards.

A coach that will get you to your goals and then some,‍


Because your goal becomes ours. and we do not fail this means you wont either.

Founder / Director


Senior Coach


Junior Coach


Client Fulfilment / Junior Coach

Little Ben