Assistance with all aspects of nutrition

Ben Crawshaw

Nutrition and Diet

As everyone should know, diet is probably the most important part of any body changes you want to see. Whether you are bulking up your physique or losing fat, how good your diet is will determine the level of your results.

BCFitness offer two approaches to nutrition:

A Nutrition Plan – This is based on your goals and your current situation. We can provide this service by purchasing our Nutrition Plan.

A Flexible Diet Plan – this is a bit more involved and is aimed at people who have longer term specific goals. Get in touch to find out more by filling in this form

Nutrition Plan

Get a bespoke nutrition plan, based on your current situation, lifestyle and goals.

  • Suitable for short term diet
  • Gives you an idea of calorie intake
  • Helps you understand required nutrition
  • Easy to follow - just bring willpower!

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Flexible Diet Plan

This is more involved. It requires regular contact with Ben to determine how your nutrition and macro intake is progressing

  • More suited for longer term goals
  • Help you understand  what and when you should be eating.
  • Helps boost your results
  • More extensive contact is required for this service.

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Just a little insight in to the value and the service i offer with my online coaching programme.